Synthetic zeolites (molecular sieve material used in dehydration)

Dehydration process

Molecular sieve adsorption

Vogelbusch USA pioneered the use of molecular sieve systems in the ethanol industry by applying a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process for ethanol dehydration.

Dehydration is used to obtain anhydrous ethanol as needed for the use as bioethanol (with a water content of max. 0.5%) or super dry ethanol for pharmaceutical or industrial applications (with 0.01% or less).

Vogelbusch offers state-of-the-art designs that are easy to operate, reliable, energy efficient, and low on maintenance. Design options include

  • Stand-alone dehydration units for liquid feedstock; and
  • Integrated facilities that are linked to an existing operation and receive wet ethanol vapors directly from the distillation/rectification system.

Skid-mounted installation

For ease of installation, and reduced field erection time and costs, Vogelbusch can supply prefabricated molecular sieve units. They are compact to ship and easily reassembled on site.


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