Aeration Systems

High efficiency in microbial production.

Proprietary aeration systems

Vogelbusch has a wide portfolio of proven proprietary systems for a range of aeration requirements. We use static aerators and dynamic systems with agitators which have been developed for our own applications.

The appropriate system is selected on the basis of:

Aeration rates

Vogelbusch aerators deliver oxygen transfer rates (OTR) of 1 to 20 kg / m³h and more, depending on the selected system and process parameters.

Energy consumption

Our most efficient systems use only 0.25 kWh / kg of transferred oxygen; this energy-saving technology reduces running costs.

IP-8 Self-Priming Aeration

This dynamic system consists of a stator with leading function and an impeller type rotor. The rotating self-priming turbine produces tiny, uniformly-sized air bubbles, with large contact area and long residence time in the system for high oxygen transfer rates. 

The construction is rather simple, although its details have considerable effect on the efficiency. Developed for the fermentation of  » vinegar, it is easy to operate, and with very low energy consumption, it maintains the optimal conditions for the growth of vinegar bacteria in the fermentation tank.

EB-4 High Efficiency Aeration

The high efficiency aeration is a dynamic system which combines mechanical agitation and external air compression as construction elements. Air enters the agitator blades through a hollow shaft and is distributed to the liquid throughout the open rear side of the agitator blades.
This aeration system is one out of several that is used in the production of  » yeast.

IZ Deep Jet Aeration

In this aeration system a pump delivers the medium from the fermenter bottom to one or more pipe shafts that have a specially designed shaft head. From there, the medium falls down by gravity, sucking air from above, which mixes with the medium. The mixture impinges on the media surface as a bundled jet and penetrates to the bottom of the fermenter where it is distributed in such a way that both oxygen is introduced and the necessary turbulence is generated. 

One feature of the IZ system is its excellent defoaming property. It is typically used for fodder  » yeast production.

Airlift Fermenter

Airlift or bubble column systems use static sparger systems. Distribution pipes with small-sized drilled holes evenly disperse the air at the fermenter bottom. Besides mechanical characteristics of the construction of the air pipe system and the properties of the mash, the oxygen transfer relates mainly to the quantity of air introduced and the height of the liquid column.

In its own processes Vogelbusch uses special sparger and nozzle systems for different applications e.g. in  » citric acid fermentation and in  » yeast production.

Porous Metal Spargers

By using porous metal this static sparger system provides an extended gas/liquid contact area. Smallest bubbles are created when the air is introduced into the liquid through tiny pores. Subsequently much higher performance levels in combination with significantly lower gas consumption rates can be realized.

With appropriate design, porous metal spargers can easily be cleaned or sterilized in-situ also during fermentation, as employed in » alcohol production.

Showcase projects for aeration systems

4 promaiz2019
Alcohol Plant in Alejandro Roca
PROMAÍZ - Alejandro Roca, Cordoba, Argentina

The Promaíz plant produces bioethanol from corn which is used as fuel additive in the local markets. Besides the technology package for the complete plant and detailed planning of piping and vessels, Vogelbusch has been assigned with the supply of equipment such as fermenter internals, distillation columns, molecular sieve dehydration and...

Neutral Alcohol Plant in Verinsko
ALMAGEST - Verinsko, Ihtiman, Bulgaria

Almagest opted for Vogelbusch in 2009 to produce top quality extra neutral alcohol with the highest purity and organoleptic demands, to be used in the production of alcoholic beverages. The excellent alcohol quality convinced Almagest to commission Vogelbusch again in 2011 to expand the plant capacity to 80,000 liters per...

Yeast plant in Ahvaz

Razi Yeast & Alcohol Company, formerly Sugar Cane By-Products Corporation, assigned Vogelbusch with the process design, engineering and supply of a complete plant for the production of baker's yeast from cane molasses. Production in the yeast plant started in 2009, since manufacturing 32,000 kg per day of high quality instant active dry...

4 goncalves
Vinegar fermenter in Golegã
MENDES GONÇALVES - Golegã, Portugal

Mendes Gonçalves, a well known Portuguese producer of vinegar and condiments ordered a vinegar fermenter from Vogelbusch. The new fermenter raised production capacity in Golegã, north of Lisbon by 15,000 liters to some 27,000 liters per day. We supplied the fermenter including IP-8-Self-Priming Aeration and process equipment such as pumps, control...

Citric Acid Plant in Kermanshah
KIMIA GHARB GOSTAR - Kermanshah, Iran

The plant of Kimia Gharb Gostar Industries Co. has a capacity of 36 tons per day and is the first citric acid plant set up in Iran. It is suitable for processing of raw sugar and sugar beet molasses. The process concept allows for a choice between production of either...

4 cropernergies
Bioethanol plant in Zeitz
CROPENERGIES - Zeitz, Germany

The 800,000 liters per day plant of CropEnergies,  a unit of German Südzucker group, is designed for multiple grain sources together with by-products of beet sugar processing. The plant and is highly advanced in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Vogelbusch contributed process design for the raw material processing,...

4 YeastFermenter
Yeast fermenter in Malmö
SPECIAL YEAST - Malmö, Sweden

The utilization of a hydrolysate made from bakery waste was the object of the order by Special Yeast. The process for this novel feedstock was developed and implemented, including supply of the aeration system. The unit has a capacity of 9,000 kg per day and was started up in 2006.

4 YeastAerator
Yeast fermenter in Hamburg
OHLY (Deutsche Hefewerke) - Hamburg, Deutschland

DHW of Hamburg decided to convert an existing fermenter to the Vogelbusch aeration system. The given situation required the redesign of the drive and included engineering and supply of the complete aerator system. The reconstructed fermenter has a capacity of 27,000 kg per day of baker’s yeast made from beet molasses....

4 gsonek0
Vinegar fermenter in Austria
MAUTNER MARKHOF (Gsonek) - Vienna, Austria

Supply of a vinegar fermenter type 1200 including IP-8-Self-Priming Aeration with a daily capacity of 15,000 liters (10 %) for processing pure ethanol and grape and apple wine. The unit, originally set up for Gsonek in 1998 in Laa an der Thaya (Lower Austria), was later acquired by Mautner Markhof and integrated...

Yeast fermenter in Nuremberg
DEUTSCHE HEFEWERKE - Nuremberg, Germany

DHW Nuremberg enhanced their manufacturing capacity by adding a fermenter which had to be placed outside the production building. Vogelbusch engineered the expansion and supplied the key equipment (EB4 aerator system including drive, mash pumps and heat exchangers). The fermenter is designed for 25,000 kg of baker's yeast per day made...

4 YeastFermenter
Yeast fermenter in Osaka

To raise the production capacity of Oriental Yeast in Osaka, Komatsugawa Chemical Engineering Co. assigned Vogelbusch with the engineering for an additional yeast fermenter and the supply of key equipment (aeration). The unit is designed for the production of 20,000 kg per day of baker's yeast made from cane molasses. Start-up...

Citric Acid Plant near Cairo
CITRO MISR - 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt

Raw sugar from local production was the substrate of choice for Citro Misr Co. of Egypt. This raw material required a new approach in the fermentation process to assure the economic feasibility of the plant. The spore cultivation was adapted and the fructose utilization was optimized for the substrate. Products include...


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