Utilizing starch containing crops.

Processing of grains

Grains are utilized for a full range of products and ingredients for various industries. In dry milling plants the whole kernel is fed to the bioprocess. Wet milling facilities - as illustrated above - separate the components of the kernel such as germs, gluten and starch into single products. (Vogelbusch proprietary processes in orange)

Treatment of starch based feedstocks

After cleaning and sieving to remove dirt and other foreign matter, agricultural raw materials are crushed and ground in a milling section.

Starch (milk) from wet milling plants does not require any special treatment and can be fed directly to hydrolyzation, which is the next step of processing to convert the starch to sugar molecules.

  • Dry milling

    Crushing of grains and tubers.


    Grains such as corn, wheat or milo and tubers such as cassava are milled before they are sent to starch conversion (hydrolyzation).


    Appropriate milling or grinding methods are selected depending on the specific process requirements and our specification of particle size distribution of the flour.

    Equipment options include hammer mills, roller mills and combinations of both, and in some cases the recycle of oversized fractions.


    Reference for Dry milling
    4 promaiz
    Bioethanol Plant in Alejandro Roca
    PROMAÍZ S. A. - Alejandro Roca, Córdoba Province, Argentina

    With a nameplate capacity of 420,000 liters per day, Promaíz is the largest bioethanol production facility in Argentina. The plant processes bioethanol from corn which is used as fuel additive in the local markets. Besides the technology package for the complete plant and detailed planning of piping and vessels, Vogelbusch has...

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    Bioethanol plant in Zeitz

    The 800,000 litre/day plant of CropEnergies,  a unit of German Südzucker group,  is designed for multiple grain sources together with by-products of beet sugar processing. The plant and is highly advanced in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Vogelbusch contributed process design for the raw material processing, continuous fermentation,...

  • Liquefaction/Saccharification

    Breaking down of macromolecules.


    To derive the sugar which is required for our bioprocesses, starch is processed ("hydrolyzed") in a two-step conversion process using dedicated types of enzymes as catalysts. In the liquefaction step, the long chains of starch molecules are broken into smaller fractions (dextrins). During saccharification, single glucose monomers are released from starch or dextrins. Another kind of enzyme is used to gain maltose from dextrins.


    The resulting hydrolysate can 

    • serve as a feedstock in the production of alcohol, yeast, organic acids and other fermentation products
    • be converted to specific starch sugars such as dextrose anhydrate/monohydrate/syrup, high fructose syrups and maltodextrin

    Vogelbusch has unique expertise with liquefaction and saccharification from its proprietary technologies and has energy saving solutions to reuse the energy (steam) necessary for the process by thermal integration with other plant sections.

    Reference for Liquefaction/Saccharification
    Biotechnological Complex in Kaluga
    JSC «BIOTECH ROSVA» - Kaluga, Russia

    The biotechnological complex put up by JSC «Biotech Rosva» uses wheat as a feedstock to produce speciality goods such as starch, gluten and various starch sugars, which are intended as ingredients for the food industry. A by-product will be used as animal feed. VOGELBUSCH is responsible for the planning and delivery...

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    Glucose plant for processing compex in Ishim
    AminoSib | Agroholding «YUBILEINII» - Ishim, Tyumen Region, Russia

    ZAO Agroholding «Yubileinii» sets up a wheat processing complex in Ishim in the Tyumen Region. VOGELBUSCH has been assigned by the general contractor, Talmax Engineering s.r.o., with the supply of a glucose plant to produce a fermentation substrate. The order includes the process design as well as the supply of key...