Cross Integration

Consolidating data from different sources.

System integration of process groups

Our integrating engineering services ensure that processes from different suppliers are incorporated into a whole, for the benefit of the overall plant functionality and on-schedule.

Cross-system integration

Involves the coordination and harmonization of the various process groups contributed by different suppliers in complex production facilities, for instance in grain processing, during the development and execution phase of the project.

Part of this work is the generation of general mass and energy balances which allow to specify consolidated infrastructure requirements and to identify secondary energy sources for cross sectional energy recuperation.

Document approval and inspections

We check, comment and approve relevant vendor's documents during inquiry and procurement, and participate in inspections of the goods during manufacturing and prior to their dispatch to plant site.

Link to project management

We act as a connecting link between customer's project management and the vendors of individual process sections.

Site coordination

During the erection phase we coordinate the activities performed within the various process lines for installation, commissioning and start-up of plant.

We provide updates of the overall time schedule of the project based on the progress information received from the vendors on a regular basis.

Third party technology license

Besides our proprietary processes we can set up bioprocess production facilities with technology licensed from a third party. Examples are baby milk powder or sorbitol.

Showcase projects for cross integration

4 promaiz2019
Alcohol Plant in Alejandro Roca
PROMAÍZ - Alejandro Roca, Cordoba, Argentina

The Promaíz plant produces bioethanol from corn which is used as fuel additive in the local markets. Besides the technology package for the complete plant and detailed planning of piping and vessels, Vogelbusch has been assigned with the supply of equipment such as fermenter internals, distillation columns, molecular sieve dehydration and...

4 donbiotech
Glucose Plant for Processing Complex in Volgodonsk
DONBIOTECH - Volgodonsk, Rostov Region, Russia

OOO «DonBioTech», a joint venture of Russian Varshavsky group and German industrial group Evonik, sets up a grain processing facility for the production of L-lysine from wheat. Vogelbusch has been awarded with the detailed design and the supply of the process plant for the conversion of starch milk to glucose solution...

4 rosva
Biotechnological Complex in Kaluga
BIOTECH ROSVA - Kaluga, Russia

The biotechnological complex put up by JSC «Biotech Rosva» uses wheat as a feedstock to produce speciality goods such as starch, gluten and various starch sugars, which are intended as ingredients for the food industry. A by-product is used as animal feed. Vogelbusch is responsible for the planning and delivery of...

Neutral Alcohol Plant in Verinsko
ALMAGEST - Verinsko, Ihtiman, Bulgaria

Almagest opted for Vogelbusch in 2009 to produce top quality extra neutral alcohol with the highest purity and organoleptic demands, to be used in the production of alcoholic beverages. The excellent alcohol quality convinced Almagest to commission Vogelbusch again in 2011 to expand the plant capacity to 80,000 liters per...

4 goncalves
Vinegar fermenter in Golegã
MENDES GONÇALVES - Golegã, Portugal

Mendes Gonçalves, a well known Portuguese producer of vinegar and condiments ordered a vinegar fermenter from Vogelbusch. The new fermenter raised production capacity in Golegã, north of Lisbon by 15,000 liters to some 27,000 liters per day. We supplied the fermenter including IP-8-Self-Priming Aeration and process equipment such as pumps, control...

4 lactomisr
Plant for Baby Milk Powder near Cairo
LACTO-MISR - 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt

This plant for baby milk powder and protein drink concentrates was realised by Vogelbusch in 2002 with a process licensed from a German producer of infant formula.  The enterprise is the first manufacturer of infant formula in the Middle East. The production capacity is 32 tons per day. The plant location,...


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