Organic Acid Plants

Accumulated company know-how.

Technology for Organic Acid Production

Owing to their organoleptic, physiological and chemical properties, organic acids are employed in wide areas of application across various industries. Organic acids are common ingredients in food and beverage products, but are also basic components in the manufacturing of personal care products, plastics, detergents and in many other end-user industries.

How are organic acids made?

Adapted microorganisms are used to transform carbohydrates from natural origin into organic acids. They are metabolic products of specific bacteria, yeasts and fungi, which can be cultivated in a range of substrates containing carbohydrates such as glucose, saccharose or ethanol. Following microbial conversion, the product is subject to isolation, purification and finishing steps on the basis of application.

Organic acid know-how and technology

Vogelbusch offers proprietary technology for the production of citric acid and acetic acid (vinegar) and has the process and engineering knowledge about all aspects of facility design and implementation.

With our accumulated company know-how we are also available to engineer plants applying your own or third party processes, for instance for lactic, gluconic, itaconic and ascorbic acid as well as amino acids.

Having detailed knowledge and insights into biotechnological processes, our specialists can evaluate available 3rd party conversion technology, scale it up to industrial levels or integrate it with our unit operations, to provide you with the end-to-end process from raw material to final product.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Producer-independent citric acid technology provider with engineering know-how
  • Acquainted with all relevant upstream and downstream processes
  • Plant designs based on customers' processes and our own bioprocessing technology
  • Experienced with integration of third party technology
Product qualities

Processes can be designed to switch raw materials as well as final product qualities.

Producer-independent proprietary technology

Powder and liquid forms including citric acid monohydrate, anhydrate, syrup and sodium citrate ...

Citric Acid Plants

Organic acid production facilities designed by Vogelbusch

Citric Acid Plant in Kermanshah
KIMIA GHARB GOSTAR Industries Co. - Kermanshah, Iran

The plant has a capacity of 36 tons per day and is the first citric acid plant built in Iran. It is suitable for processing of raw sugar and sugar beet molasses. The process concept allows for a choice between production of either of the two commercially available forms of...

Citric Acid Plant near Cairo
CITRO MISR Co. - 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt

Raw sugar from local production was the substrate of choice for Citro Misr Co. of Egypt. This raw material required a new approach in the fermentation process to assure the economic feasibility of the plant. The spore cultivation was adapted and the fructose utilization was optimized for the substrate. Products include...


We license our citric acid technology and provide engineering services from initial process design through to the start-up of the plant:

Relevant processes

Process steps involved in organic acid production include:

Project Development

Product Idea GIF
How to turn your idea into a modern industrial bioprocessing facility

Find some guidance for the development of a manufacturing plant illustrating the steps to be taken from the initial product idea to the operational facility:

MINDMAP Project Development
Services provided by Vogelbusch are marked with orange bars.

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What our clients say

"Based on the reconstruction according to the consulting by Vogelbusch, the rectification plant now shows fully satisfactory fine alcohol quality yield and performance."

Dr. Wilkening, KWST, Rectification Unit, Hannover, Germany


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