Corporate Responsibility

Digest from our Code of Conduct.

Our objectives in partnering with your project

We strive to be a reliable and trustworthy company with respect for customers, business partners and employees.


We believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients and our suppliers. The common goal is the construction of world class production plants — on time, on budget and to specification.


The overall economic performance of a plant is so important to us, because our success depends on yours. Profitability hinges on investment cost, productivity, operating costs and downtime and our target is designing plants with the lowest possible life-cycle cost.


We take great care to use available resources carefully and to comply with environmental standards. Your plant is designed for best-of-breed performance in terms of primary energy and freshwater consumption.

Quality management

The quality of our products and services reflects the personal contributions of all our employees. 

In order to meet the high internal and external product and service requirements of Vogelbusch, a quality management system in line with international standard ISO 9001:2015 is in force to monitor recurring processes.

Customized and state-of-the-art

We focus on the special requests of our customers from the outset with customized and state-of-the-art process solutions.

Our success is based on dedicated work of our highly qualified workforce, constant openness for innovation and making considerate use of available resources. The ultimate aim is optimizing the long-term cost/-benefit ratio of a plant.

Safety policies

Industrial safety, health and environmental control policies of Vogelbusch are applicable at all company offices, project construction sites, and other places where people are required to perform work. All environmental management procedures and safety/security procedures are subject to regular review and update within quality management dealings.

Environmental objectives

Sustainability and environmentally responsible designs are an integral part of our long-term business strategy.

Vogelbusch plants are designed in accordance with the relevant legal requirements and industry standards. We also apply our high in-house standards – with the aim of conserving energy, controlling pollution, and making sustainable use of natural resources.