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We complement our clients' skills.

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From design to start-up

Vogelbusch provides engineering documentation and various types of service packages to assist in project implementation. Coming up with the best possible solutions also includes scaling our services to your needs.


Your bioprocess engineering partner

We support you every step of the way

We transfer our technologies to clients and/or help them to improve their own processes. Our engineering capabilities cover the construction and upgrading of biotechnological production systems, with services ranging from feasibility studies through to the launch of production.

Bespoke solutions - tailored to suit you

Rather than start out from standard solutions we focus on your special requirements from the outset — in terms of raw materials, product quality, plant configuration and the scope of service delivery. We concentrate on getting to know your problems and coming up with the best possible solutions.

As part of conceptual design the fundamentals of your project are developed.

Project studies

Starting from scratch, our studies give a basis to make an investment decision; examples are

  • Determination of objectives and plant performance
  • Comparisons of options with regard to raw materials, final products and capacities
  • Detailed investigations of plant economics
  • Investigation of infrastructure requirements for site selection

Pre-engineering studies

Are more in-depth, to appropriately reflect the economic and technical framework of the project. In this preliminary stage of project realization we issue the technical process description and determine

  • Raw material and product specification
  • Consumption figures
  • Site requirements
  • Capital cost assessment
  • Plant configuration and equipment
  • Project time schedule

Project studies that go into sufficient depth can also be used in obtaining approvals. For instance, they can serve as technical documentation for submissions for building permission or environmental impact assessments.

The actual scope of analysis, and thus the time taken to complete it, depends on the purpose and is evaluated in consultation with the client.


Our basic design package for technology transfer comprises the process engineering and documentation for the implementation of your plant.

Based on the conceptual design and - if necessary - validation of design data in our in-house laboratories, all relevant documents for the realization of the plant are issued

  • Flow sheets
  • Mass balances
  • Process description
  • Emission point list
  • Terminal point list
  • Operating manual
  • Methods of analysis
  • Equipment specifications and schedules
  • Specifications and execution standards for instrumentation, automation, electrical equipment and pipework
  • Layout and foundation plans
  • Installation and acceptance standards


Basic design data establish the foundation for the following detail engineering of all components of the plant.

In the interest of process assurance, the supervision of performance tests during plant erection and commissioning is part of our design package.


We engineer the piping, vessels and equipment details, and the automation of the plant and integrate other systems.

Piping design

Detailed piping design is carried out in accordance with the relevant European or US standards and regulations

  • Elaboration of complete piping engineering as 3D model
  • Isometric drawings
  • Support drawings
  • Stress calculation
  • Material take-off for procurement



Detailed design of tanks and vessels whether shop-made or built at construction sites includes

  • Stress calculations
  • Workshop drawings
  • Steel sheet drawings
  • List of materials for steel sheets, welding material, quality requirements
  • Welding layouts: welding joints preparation, processing and testing guidelines



Design of instrumentation, control and automation systems includes the detailed specification of

  • Field instruments and control valves
  • Process control systems (PCS)
  • Control cabinets
  • Programming of application software

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Cross integration

Engineering services for the system integration of third party processes are carried out during the inquiry, procurement and execution phase of the project and cover for instance

  • Preparation of equipment specifications
  • Document approval and inspections
  • Coordinate installation, commissioning and start-up

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In the course of procurement, we assist you both commercially and technically.

Our services are designed to facilitate your own procurement, including local supplies. We can coordinate the purchasing process and support you with

Technical assistance
  • List of suppliers
  • Offer comparison and purchase recommendation
  • Review and approval of key supplier specifications and detailed designs
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Supervision of acceptance tests
  • Check of documentation


Commercial assistance
  • Contract design
  • Purchasing terms
  • Offer comparison
  • Scheduling of procurement activities
  • Packing and marking instructions

Our scope of supply services is customized, ranging from critical equipment components to full EPC contracts.

Key equipment

In the interest of process assurance, we assume responsibility for supplying key equipment. This is the equipment that is critical to fulfillment of the process guarantee, and includes for instance

  • Column trays for distillation plants
  • Mole sieve material for dehydration plants
  • Aeration systems for yeast, vinegar and citric acid plants

Optionally we can supply all major parts of equipment. 

We also provide custom designed technical components for our plants.

EPC: Engineering-Procurement-Construction 

Depending on the project scale we can also offer turnkey installation of complete process units, such as

  • Distillation
  • Rectification
  • Dehydration
  • Evaporation

Where appropriate, units are skid-mounted to accelerate the installation process. 



On site, we go along with you throughout project execution and oversee the plant start-up.

Erection supervision

During erection of the plant our activities focus on

  • Supervision of the plant erection from the technology perspective and for compliance with the provided designs
  • Pre-commissioning including supervision of dry and hydraulic testing of equipment, adjustment of installations, etc.
  • Site acceptance test of the process control system

Start-up supervision

After certification of completion by the client, start-up supervision and acceptance testing include

  • Supervision of commissioning, e.g. operation with product, ramping up capacity, optimizing process and control parameters
  • Operator training for the plant, controls and system
  • Supervision of performance guarantee run

We continue to work for you after plant handover.

To round off our customer service beyond initial start-up, we assist with extended supervision and personal support in order to 

  • Ensure optimal operation and practical experience in routine work
  • Recognize potential for enhancement



Take the benefit from our technical expertise for queries with your existing equipment.

We provide technical advisory services relating to the upgrade or revamp of existing plants for improvement of productivity and process economics. Let us help you to make the most of your resources, for instance

  • Changes of raw material quality and product quality requirements
  • Enhancing yield and/or plant capacity
  • Adding economic value by product diversification

As well as process improvements for operational cost reductions such as

  • Increasing heat recovery within and across process units
  • Boosting energy efficiency
  • Optimizing water recovery within the plant

We analyze your process data and come up with adequate solutions that align with your manufacturing goals.