Evaporator Design

Customized evaporator configurations.

Varied Design Concepts for Evaporation

Varied in line with each application, our design concepts take into account the product characteristics, cleaning concepts, the required capacity, availability and pressure of steam and cooling water as well as local energy costs.

Since concentration and hence the properties of the evaporated solution change considerably during the process, a well-chosen combination of different evaporation modes in one unit ensures high efficiency.

2 evaporationalcohol
Double-effect evaporator with pre-concentrator

for stillage from alcohol production comprising both forced circulation and falling film evaporators.

2 falling film evaporator
Recirculated falling film evaporator

This system is suitable for low and medium solids content and viscosity.  It can handle small differences of temperature well which makes it suitable for temperature sensitive products. Ample recirculation rates ensure high turbulence in the falling film resulting in a reduced tendency to fouling.

Besides a low consumption of electrical energy, a small footprint and less steel structure, its characteristic is a small hold-up inside the evaporator with the result of a low demand of cleaning liquids / agents and reduced thermal exposure of the concentrated product.


Plate type evaporators

Rising film evaporation in plate type evaporators is a feasible option for media having low tendency to fouling. Due to the minimized hold-up in this type of evaporator it is widely used for concentration of temperature-sensitive products and offers further advantages due to its compact design and low investment costs.

2 forced circulation evaporator
Forced circulation evaporator

Typically used for feeds with medium to high solids content and viscosity. Its multipass design for high velocity in the pipes leads to high turbulences inside the tubes which minimizes fouling tendencies. Consequently it has the longest operation periods between cleaning cycles.

2 evaporationglucose
Multi-effect falling film evaporator

for the concentration of glucose solution


As an engineering company without inhouse fabrication we can independently select the best type of evaporator available within our global supplier network.

Our services for evaporation plants include the process design, detail engineering or review of client’s detail engineering, the supply of equipment or procurement assistance, automation including field instruments and hard- and software of DCS as well as on-site supervision. Alternatively the complete unit can be provided within an EPC solution.

As far as practicable, systems can be prefabricated in easy-to-install skid-mounted modules.

Energy saving concepts

Our advanced thermal integration techniques save energy by improved heat recovery and reuse of secondary energy in evaporation plants.

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