Research & Development

Developing new ideas for the benefit of our clients.

Innovative Philosophy

Our approach to research and development continues to reflects the business philosophy of our founder, Wilhelm Vogelbusch — a strong believer in customer focus and continuous innovation. 

We conduct applied research, concentrating on solving our clients’ problems and responding to new demands for more effective, less expensive manufacturing. New ideas of process know-how and process adaptation are tested in our research facilities before they are turned into a modern industrial plant design.

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Modern processes that work

Our greatest strength is our ability to convert theory and inventions into industrial processes that actually work in practice.

Apart from refining our own technologies in order to improve yields, energy consumption and environmental performance, we develop new bioprocesses tailored to client requirements.

Our research activities are based at our in-house laboratory and pilot scale facilities, but are often carried out in cooperation with universities.

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In-house laboratories

Raw materials and utilities are tested for their suitability for planned processes and to validate design data. Using proven scale-up factors, these tests form the basis for our plant design.

The analytical work required for all process stages – raw material, process and end product analysis – is performed at our labs. Equipment and strains are available to ferment and further process materials into end products.

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Strain selection

Our laboratories select, propagate, and conserve the microorganisms needed for our proprietary processes.

Specific strains are chosen for their particular properties, performance and application. Our selection includes hundreds of different yeast, mold and bacteria strains for a comprehensive range of applications.

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Single-column SMB chromatographic separator

Our technology offers continuous separation of mixtures based on simulated moving bed technology in a single adsorbent bed.

Compared to multi-column SMB systems, this proprietary technology has specific advantages in particular for pilot scale plants and for small production capacities as often required in specialized bioprocesses, and the fine and special chemicals industry.

By means of our mobile lab unit – which is also available for in-house or external rental – we offer process development as well as the design and supply of pilot and small-scale production plants.

Our pilot scale facility with up to 100 liter bed volume closes the gap perfectly between lab scale trials and industrial chromatography.

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Pilot fermentation

In our bubble column test station, both feedstocks and micro-organisms are tested for their suitability in submerged fermentation to validate process design data.

The same system is employed in the laboratories of industrial citric acid production sites. It can also be supplied for individual purposes.

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