MultiPressure Distillation

Exceptional energy-efficiency.

Vogelbusch MultiPressure column systems

The MultiPressure system saves energy by recovery and reuse of secondary energy without impacting the overall plant performance.

Introduced by Vogelbusch in the 1990s and since continuously improved, MultiPressure column systems are utilized in alcohol production for an efficient use of process energy.

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Steam saving features

The advanced Vogelbusch MultiPressure system operates a number of columns at different pressure levels. The finely-balanced application of vacuum, atmospheric and overpressure allows to reuse the heat input multiple times.

This brings about a significant reduction in live steam consumption, thus generating equivalent (cost) savings in the energy required to produce it.

Top product quality and low energy demand

Vogelbusch offers highly specialized custom solutions that optimize process economics for compliance with precise specifications for product quality and available steam pressures.

Raw alcohol is distilled from the fermentation mash and through further separation steps rectified and concentrated. The careful design of the distillation and rectification ensures not only the desired product quality, but brings the energy consumption of the MultiPressure system down to

  • 1,950 kg per 1,000 liters of neutral alcohol
  • 1,050 kg per 1,000 liters of bioethanol

By thermal integration with other process units, the plant’s ground-breaking energy-saving properties are boosted further still.

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Supply of distillation equipment

In addition to our engineering services we supply equipment ranging from trays - as a process-critical component - to complete distillation/rectification facilities set up on EPC basis.

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