Rectification Systems

Superior neutral alcohol quality.

Rectification units for premium alcohol quality

Rectification is used in alcohol production for the purification of raw alcohol obtained from mash distillation.

With a carefully considered selection of process parameter it plays the key role in tailoring the alcohol quality as required for neutral and extra neutral alcohol (ENA).


We have the technology and experience to design rectification units for a wide range of applications and product specifications including

  • Chemical composition of all fractions,
  • Permanganate clearing time, and
  • Organoleptic characteristics

Our plants are individually tailored to comply with pharmacopoeia or producer specifications and with national and international ethyl alcohol standards such as EN, GOST, JAAS and many others.

2 DR neutralalc
Measures for high quality alcohol production

For superior product quality, our process schemes are optimized for separation of impurities and avoidance of undesired chemical reactions.

Starting out from a mild distillation in a vacuum mash column, undesired substances such as aldehydes and esters are removed in the heads column. The alcohol is further concentrated in the rectification column and fractions like propanol and higher alcohols are stripped off. In the repurification column methanol is removed.

2 dr almagest
Comprehensive approach

We look at every aspect of plant performance: quality, yield, costs. Specific design features include

  • Fully continuous operation
  • Distillation in vacuum
  • Low scaling tendency
  • Use of latent heat for thermal integration
  • Pre-heating of mash with raw alcohol vapors (= no loss of heat in evaporation)
  • Highly efficient column tray and internal designs
2 rectification trays
Supply of rectification equipment

In addition to our engineering services we supply equipment ranging from trays - as a process-critical component - to complete rectification facilities set up on EPC basis.

Showcase projects for rectification systems


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