Bioreactor Design

We design the ideal fermenter for your process.

Design of bioreactor systems

Thanks to its extensive experience with microbial production techniques, Vogelbusch is well acquainted with the differing requirements of designing bioreactors. Besides its specific aeration systems Vogelbusch has the expertise in selecting the appropriate components and proven know-how, to run fermentations stable over longer periods.

2 bioreactor design
Customized bioreactor systems

Vogelbusch can take an idea from concept to full implementation. We develop the framework of a process based on the client’s test results.

The appropriate fermentation system is selected to align best with the individual process requirements. 

Vogelbusch also provides technical solutions for associated processes such as media preparation, downstream processing and auxiliary systems.

From lab to production scale

Specialized in upscaling biotechnological processes for the client, Vogelbusch executes projects on the basis of own and customers’ lab or pilot plant results. Based on individual process requirement the appropriate fermentation system and downstream operations are selected.

For the construction of facilities, we 

  • Establish detailed specifications of processing equipment and auxilliary facilities, and can provide operating and utility requirements
  • Deliver key equipment or turnkey
  • Monitor assembly and implementation
  • Train personnel
Numerous options

A multitude of process and apparatus solutions are available for your specific applications, including

  • Aerobic and anaerobic,
  • Sterile and non-sterile,
  • Batch and continuous,

as well as single fermenter and fermenter cascade solutions.

Selection criteria

For best performance a fermentation system is selected to fit process parameters (oxygen and nutrient supply, temperature, pH value, etc.) and considers sensitivity to mechanical stress. 

Further subjects of consideration are particular process requirements such as dissolved oxygen concentration, sterility, permissible concentration gradients or production scale. And we keep an eye on the overall economy of the plant, including investment and operating costs.

Some references for bioreactors

4 goncalves
Vinegar fermenter in Golegã
MENDES GONÇALVES - Golegã, Portugal

Mendes Gonçalves, a well known Portuguese producer of vinegar and condiments ordered a vinegar fermenter from Vogelbusch. The new fermenter raised production capacity in Golegã, north of Lisbon by 15,000 liters to some 27,000 liters per day. We supplied the fermenter including IP-8-Self-Priming Aeration and process equipment such as pumps, control...

Citric Acid Plant in Kermanshah
KIMIA GHARB GOSTAR - Kermanshah, Iran

The plant of Kimia Gharb Gostar Industries Co. has a capacity of 36 tons per day and is the first citric acid plant set up in Iran. It is suitable for processing of raw sugar and sugar beet molasses. The process concept allows for a choice between production of either...

4 YeastFermenter
Yeast fermenter in Malmö
SPECIAL YEAST - Malmö, Sweden

The utilization of a hydrolysate made from bakery waste was the object of the order by Special Yeast. The process for this novel feedstock was developed and implemented, including supply of the aeration system. The unit has a capacity of 9,000 kg per day and was started up in 2006.

Bioethanol Plant in Jilin

Located in Jilin City in Northeast China, this production line for bioethanol was officially commissioned in November 2003 after an implementation period of 22 months. The plant produces 300,000 tons of fuel alcohol annually from maize. The product is used as a 10 % petrol additive.  Process design by Vogelbusch provided...

Yeast fermenter in Nuremberg
DEUTSCHE HEFEWERKE - Nuremberg, Germany

DHW Nuremberg enhanced their manufacturing capacity by adding a fermenter which had to be placed outside the production building. Vogelbusch engineered the expansion and supplied the key equipment (EB4 aerator system including drive, mash pumps and heat exchangers). The fermenter is designed for 25,000 kg of baker's yeast per day made...


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