Yeast Plants

Dedicated equipment - from feedstock to final product.

Technology for Yeast Production 

Yeast is the name for a variety of naturally growing unicellular fungi. It is most commonly used as a leavening agent in bakery products and for wine and beer fermentation. Since it is highly nutritious and imparts better taste and texture to products, it is also a valuable natural ingredient in the food, nutrient and pharmaceutical industries.

On this page you can find out how yeast is produced and how Vogelbusch can contribute to setting up a yeast plant.

How is yeast made?

Baker’s yeast is produced in custom-designed factories with a substantial number of process equipment.

Yeast is grown on substrates containing sugar through the addition of oxygen from air, then separated, washed and filtered. The product is sold as yeast cream or it is filtered and finished as wet or dry yeast. It can also be further processed to obtain specialities such as yeast autolysates, beta glucan and mannan.

Yeast know-how and technology

Individual yeast species are carefully selected from our collection on base of their individual abilities.

Solution-adapted equipment developed by Vogelbusch reflects our longstanding expertise in yeast technology. Different types of aeration systems for fermentation and custom designed process automation greatly enhance process efficiency. Dedicated separation, filtration and extrusion equipment are used to achieve the product quality desired.

Vogelbusch is your one-stop shop for process engineering and supplies, ranging from initial feasibility studies and consultancy for plant modernization through to the design of new plants.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Longstanding experience in process design and selection of equipment
  • Plants designed for perfect yeast growth and quality
  • Close attention to process economics
  • Comprehensive yeast culture collection
  • Lab facilities for quality testing of baker's yeast
Product types

The type of final product determines the processes we apply in our plant designs

Selected yeast strains with high rising power

Baker’s yeast, a leavening agent for bread and other baked goods, is available wet or dried ...

Baker's Yeast Plants

Yeast production facilities designed by Vogelbusch

Yeast fermenter in Nuremberg
DEUTSCHE HEFEWERKE - Nuremberg, Germany

DHW Nuremberg enhanced their manufacturing capacity by adding a fermenter which had to be placed outside the production building. Vogelbusch engineered the expansion and supplied the key equipment (EB4 aerator system including drive, mash pumps and heat exchangers). The fermenter is designed for 25,000 kg of baker's yeast per day made...

Yeast fermenter in Osaka

To raise the production capacity of Oriental Yeast in Osaka, Komatsugawa Chemical Engineering Co. assigned Vogelbusch with the engineering for an additional yeast fermenter and the supply of key equipment (aeration). The unit is designed for the production of 20,000 kg per day of baker's yeast made from cane molasses. Start-up...

Yeast plant in Ahvaz

Razi Yeast & Alcohol Company, formerly Sugar Cane By-Products Corporation, assigned Vogelbusch with the process design, engineering and supply of a complete plant for the production of baker's yeast from cane molasses. Production in the yeast plant started in 2009, since manufacturing 32,000 kg per day of high quality instant active dry...

Yeast plant in El-Harrach
CEGRO / AYS - El Harrach, Algeria

SGP Cegro on behalf of AYS Algerian Yeast Society in 2014 ordered a feasibility study to investigate the production of 10,000 tons per year of baker's yeast to be made from imported molasses.

Yeast fermenter in Hamburg
OHLY (Deutsche Hefewerke) - Hamburg, Deutschland

DHW of Hamburg decided to convert an existing fermenter to the Vogelbusch aeration system. The given situation required the redesign of the drive and included engineering and supply of the complete aerator system. The reconstructed fermenter has a capacity of 27,000 kg per day of baker’s yeast made from beet molasses....

Yeast plant in Tashkent
CANDY GOLD - Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Following a feasibility study on the production of baker's yeast, the pre-engineering for a yeast plant designed for a daily capacity of 10,000 kg based on molasses was carried out in 2015.


We license our yeast technology and provide engineering services from initial process design through to the start-up of the plant:

Relevant processes

Process steps involved in yeast production include:

Project development

How to turn your idea into a modern industrial bioprocessing facility

Find some guidance for the development of a manufacturing plant, illustrating the steps to be taken from the initial product idea to the operational facility:

MINDMAP Project Development
Services provided by Vogelbusch are marked with orange bars.

Questions? Check out our FAQs on the product pages:

FAQ Baker's Yeast

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