PCS and Automation

Stable operation and consistent quality.

Process control systems and automation solutions

Our processes are controlled and monitored by systems that ensure stable and reliable operation of the plant with a minimum number of operators’ actions.

Engineering services

Our design package includes

  • Definition of project-specific execution standards
  • Motor list
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Execution standards for  I/O cabinets
  • Single line diagrams
  • Instrument and I/O list
  • Detailed instrument specification for measurement of flow, level, pressure, temperature, density etc. 
  • Definition of control, alarm and interlock functions
  • Structure of process control system

Implementation considers codes and standards such as EN/IEC, VDE/DIN, ENEC, CE or ATEX/IECEX.

Customized range of services

The extent of our supplies and services is adapted to client's requirements and ranges from basic design through to the supply of complete automation systems.

3 pcs supply

Vogelbusch supplies instrumentation, control and automation systems including latest industrial standard hardware as well as programming of application software.

We can provide complete or sectional process control systems as required, and are flexible regarding the type of manufacturer.

Gas analysis for process automation

We offer proprietary gas analyzer systems for fermentation control for applications in alcohol, yeast and vinegar production.

More about our  » Gas analyzers

Showcase projects for automation


Argentina: Technical assistance for Promaìz

Ensuring optimal operation in bioethanol plant.