Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers for fermentation control

Our sensor-equipped analyzers observe the formation of alcohol in the fermenting mash continuously, in real time and without sampling and analysis.

The particular alcohol concentration in the mash can be inferred from the measuring result in the gas phase. It is used to define the progress of a fermentation and at specified values, process procedures such as ejecting and filling tanks can be automated.

Customized systems are available available for alcohol, yeast and vinegar fermentations.

Range of applications

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» GS2E Gas Analyzer for vinegar fermentations

» IR-SD2/2 Gas Analyzer for alcohol fermentations

» GS2/7 Gas Analyzer for aerobic yeast fermentations

Automation solutions

We supply instrumentation, control and automation systems and program the application software for our processes.


4 goncalves
Vinegar fermenter in Golegã
MENDES GONÇALVES - Golegã, Portugal

Mendes Gonçalves, a well known Portuguese producer of vinegar and condiments ordered a vinegar fermenter from Vogelbusch. The new fermenter raised production capacity in Golegã, north of Lisbon by 15,000 liters to some 27,000 liters per day. We supplied the fermenter including IP-8-Self-Priming Aeration and process equipment such as pumps, control...



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