PCS and Automation

Stable operation and consistent quality.

Process control systems and automation solutions

Our processes are controlled and monitored by systems that ensure stable and reliable operation of the plant with a minimum number of operators’ actions.

Engineering services

Our design package includes

  • Definition of project-specific execution standards
  • Motor list
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Execution standards for  I/O cabinets
  • Single line diagrams
  • Instrument and I/O list
  • Detailed instrument specification for measurement of flow, level, pressure, temperature, density etc. 
  • Definition of control, alarm and interlock functions
  • Structure of process control system

Implementation considers codes and standards such as EN/IEC, VDE/DIN, ENEC, CE or ATEX/IECEX.

Customized range of services

The extent of our supplies and services is adapted to client's requirements and ranges from basic design through to the supply of complete automation systems.

3 pcs supply

Vogelbusch supplies instrumentation, control and automation systems including latest industrial standard hardware as well as programming of application software.

We can provide complete or sectional process control systems as required, and are flexible regarding the type of manufacturer.

Gas analysis for process automation

We offer proprietary gas analyzer systems for fermentation control for applications in alcohol, yeast and vinegar production.

More about our  » Gas analyzers

Showcase projects for automation

4 promaiz2019
Alcohol Plant in Alejandro Roca
PROMAÍZ - Alejandro Roca, Cordoba, Argentina

The Promaíz plant produces bioethanol from corn which is used as fuel additive in the local markets. Besides the technology package for the complete plant and detailed planning of piping and vessels, Vogelbusch has been assigned with the supply of equipment such as fermenter internals, distillation columns, molecular sieve dehydration and...

4 borregaard
Ethanol dehydration in Sarpsborg
BORREGAARD - Sarpsborg, Norway

Borregaard replaced a decades old ethanol dehydration system by a state-of-the-art molecular sieve unit from Vogelbusch. The limited space in the biorefinery recommended a skid construction with minimum footprint. A special feature of the installation is an unusually wide capacity span, which was realized in a fully automated process. The unit has...

4 rosva
Biotechnological Complex in Kaluga
BIOTECH ROSVA - Kaluga, Russia

The biotechnological complex put up by JSC «Biotech Rosva» uses wheat as a feedstock to produce speciality goods such as starch, gluten and various starch sugars, which are intended as ingredients for the food industry. A by-product is used as animal feed. Vogelbusch is responsible for the planning and delivery of...

4 ishim0
Glucose plant for processing compex in Ishim
AMINOSIB - Ishim, Tyumen Region, Russia

ZAO Agroholding «Yubileinii» sets up a wheat processing complex -  AminoSib - in Ishim in the Tyumen Region. Vogelbusch has been assigned by the general contractor, Talmax Engineering s.r.o., with the supply of a glucose plant to produce a fermentation substrate. The order includes the process design as well as the supply of...

Neutral Alcohol Plant in Verinsko
ALMAGEST - Verinsko, Ihtiman, Bulgaria

Almagest opted for Vogelbusch in 2009 to produce top quality extra neutral alcohol with the highest purity and organoleptic demands, to be used in the production of alcoholic beverages. The excellent alcohol quality convinced Almagest to commission Vogelbusch again in 2011 to expand the plant capacity to 80,000 liters per...

Yeast plant in Ahvaz

Razi Yeast & Alcohol Company, formerly Sugar Cane By-Products Corporation, assigned Vogelbusch with the process design, engineering and supply of a complete plant for the production of baker's yeast from cane molasses. Production in the yeast plant started in 2009, since manufacturing 32,000 kg per day of high quality instant active dry...

4 goncalves
Vinegar fermenter in Golegã
MENDES GONÇALVES - Golegã, Portugal

Mendes Gonçalves, a well known Portuguese producer of vinegar and condiments ordered a vinegar fermenter from Vogelbusch. The new fermenter raised production capacity in Golegã, north of Lisbon by 15,000 liters to some 27,000 liters per day. We supplied the fermenter including IP-8-Self-Priming Aeration and process equipment such as pumps, control...

Citric Acid Plant in Kermanshah
KIMIA GHARB GOSTAR - Kermanshah, Iran

The plant of Kimia Gharb Gostar Industries Co. has a capacity of 36 tons per day and is the first citric acid plant set up in Iran. It is suitable for processing of raw sugar and sugar beet molasses. The process concept allows for a choice between production of either...

4 GreenP2007
Ethanol Dehydration in North Sitra
GREEN POWER - North Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain

Some 400,000 liters per day of crude industrial alcohol from a refinery in Saudi Arabia are processed in the Bahrain unit. After entering the plant, the feed is purified in a rectification column where low-boiling substances such as diethylether and acetaldehyde are separated before being dehydrated by molecular sieve technology...

Neutral Alcohol Plant in Ahwaz

The plant now operated by Razi (formerly Sugar Cane By-Products Corporation) was designed for a daily capacity of 110,000 liters of high quality pharmaceutical alcohol from cane molasses complying with EU standards. A special challenge was designing the plant for the extreme climatic conditions (0°C to 50°C) and the highest...

4 cropernergies
Bioethanol plant in Zeitz
CROPENERGIES - Zeitz, Germany

The 800,000 liters per day plant of CropEnergies,  a unit of German Südzucker group, is designed for multiple grain sources together with by-products of beet sugar processing. The plant and is highly advanced in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Vogelbusch contributed process design for the raw material processing,...


Argentina: Technical assistance for Promaìz

Ensuring optimal operation in bioethanol plant.